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Business Guide

Our Strengths

・We excel in aluminum and titanium machining as well as 3D profiling of other hard-to-cut materials.
・One of our strong specialties is manufacturing of serrated parts.
・Another strong point is rotary grinding.
・We can accommodate an urgent order since our office and factories are at the geographically convenient location for both our employees and sub-contractors in charge of material, quenching, surface treatment and other special processes.
・We have been awarded an excellent company recognition by JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries several times.
Serrated part
Part of hard-to-cut material
Aluminum part drilled with an angle head machine

Space Airlines business

Aerospace Business provides processing and manufacturing of aluminum, titanium and difficult-to-cut material parts.
Meinan also excels in three-dimensional processing.
We receive orders from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. for processing aircraft parts for H-2A rocket, Boeing 787, 777, MRJ and the like.

General manufacturing business

General Machining Business mainly produces various mechanical parts and other goods.
For processing, it responds to different customer needs from diversified business categories.
Meinan offers consultation and proposal for machining.

Metal specimen processing

I have authorization of "the processing such as specimens" than JFE Steel Corporation,
I heard the processing of the specimen metal than a JFE techno research state.
It is a sample product of the metal specimen.

On requesting an estimate

On inquiring it

■You read "a privacy policy" on an inquiry, and please refer after an agreement.
■An answer may take time. Please refer for the dispatch over a telephone.
Meinan Machinery Works Co.,Ltd. TEL: +81-52-823-2810

Estimate form

About the input is careful

(1) ※The seal is a required item. Please input by all means.
(2) Please input all the katakana with full size.
(3) Please input a phone number (home or cell-phone) to get of the communication into a phone number column by all means.
(4) If input is over, please click "the contents confirmation" under the form.
(5) As contents confirmation screen opens, after confirming input contents, I click "the transmission" and am completion.
Division ※required
※Please choose it
Company name
※Only as for the visitor of the corporation
Type of industry
※Only as for the visitor of the corporation
The name ※required
Example) Taro Yamada
Furigana ※required
Example) Yamada Taro
Zip code ※required
Example) 012-3456
The metropolis and districts ※required
Municipality ※required
Address, name ※required
Phone number ※required
Example) 012-345-6789 ※A cell-phone is possible
FAX number
Example) 012-345-6789
E-mail address ※required

Only as for note) half size alphanumeric character
Return address you like
※Please choose it
Delivery date desired ※required
Estimate contents ※required

▼Please feel free to contact us

 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. +81-52-823-2810
The head office, headquarters factory
39, Aharacho, Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Space Airlines Division
TEL: 052-823-2810
FAX: 052-824-4107
General manufacturing Division
TEL: 052-822-3900
FAX: 052-822-3902
Hoshizaki factory
1-13, Hoshizaki, Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
TEL: 052-825-0826
FAX: 052-821-5201

Processing such as aerospace apparatus parts, chikogu, machinery, structure parts, various trial products

Quality management system
The MSJ4000 certification acquisition (JIS-Q-9100 equivalency)
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